Invitation to speak at Cenex Expo 2024

Over two days, address the most pressing transportation net zero priorities, influence the decision makers and shape the future of connected automated mobility. As the markets mature and new challenges emerge, set the tone, present research and share market trends with the most esteemed experts and industry lobbyists.

Cenex, the organisers of Cenex Expo 2024 has launched its ‘expression of interest’ call to UK and international researchers, technology innovators and industry specialists. They are especially interested in hearing from Net Zero, and CAM organisations focused on the next transitional wave of developments in hard to decarbonise transportation sectors, including agricultural, marine, logistics and construction. 

Presentations, including TED talks, debates, short pitches and panel discussions, can be related to technology, market, supply chain or policy developments. Transition timescales considered include the run in to phase out of internal combustion engines from 2035, as well as the ultimate goal - net zero 2050. 

Be seen and be heard

Taking place at UTAC Millbrook on 4-5 September 2024, the revered event is now focused on the next pivotal moment - the transition towards commercialisation of net zero by 2025.  The 4,500 + visitors that repeatably attend Cenex Expo regard the seminar programme as the highlight in their annual calendar.

Transition to Net Zero remains one of the overarching themes. Presentation proposals are needed to cover four sub-themes:

  • Expansion of net zero transport products into new markets, e.g. light or HGV, and the transference of automotive innovations into other transport sectors.

  • The newest UK gamechanging battery, electronics, machines and drives innovations.

  • Scaling up a full lifecycle supply chain, including processes to recycle components and safeguard rare minerals.

  • Setting the national strategy and how this can nurture greater prosperity.

Running concurrently, the Transition to Connected Automated Mobility seminar programme will comprise five sub-themes:

  • What and where are the market and supply chain growth opportunities?

  • Current status of legislative developments and the defining of rules, standards and enforcement regimes.

  • Case studies and lessons learned by early-adopters of passenger transport, port, airport, agriculture or mining logistical trials.

  • Safety of driverless vehicles and the deployment of ADAS, AI and safety sensor systems, including new cybersecurity features.

  • How corridor, cloud-edge and location infrastructures interconnect to support CAM developments.

Quick to commend the calibre of speakers every year, Robert Evans, Cenex CEO reflects on past successes: “As the primary networking and showcasing event for the Net Zero and CAM communities, there’s no better place to share insight, present opportunities and make your voice heard. We have seen technologies first showcased at past events transition from R&D through to market deployment. As we continue to examine policy, strategy and challenge new opportunities in the net zero and mobility space, it’s essential to stay ahead of the journey, debate and question what’s coming next?”

The deadline to complete an EOI for Cenex Expo 2024 is now Friday 26th April