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Our Legacy

The event was established in 2008 and was formerly known as Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event (Cenex-LCV). It was created as a single annual gathering point for the UK innovation community. The event provided a platform to meet UK decision makers and industry experts; the perfect opportunity to showcase your business, your industry, and your technology.

In 2019, Cenex Connected Auto Mobility Event (Cenex-CAM) was introduced, allowing us to showcase a broader range of leading-edge technology and provide thought leadership for new opportunities. With new challenges arising that link to the transition to net zero transportation systems, we felt a need to create a brand and an event suited for the next 15 years and beyond.

We are proud to introduce...

Building on the legacy of Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM - Cenex Expo was created. The event sets an agenda where low carbon vehicle and connected automated mobility innovations combine to shape the future of mobility.

Our Event Attracts:

  • Top industry expert decision makers

  • Facilitated networking with like-minded industry professionals

  • Government agencies supporting in the development and funding of these technologies

  • Key innovation technology leaders

  • An opportunity to provide thought leadership for new challenges

Event Features

Cenex Expo takes place at UTAC Millbrook – a unique event venue which provides the opportunity to use their test track facilities.

This event incorporates...

  • Technology exhibition split over multiple halls;

  • Extensive seminar programme;

  • Networking Opportunities;

  • Ride & drive of the latest research & development vehicles.

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