Green Cable Gully Enabling On-Street Home Charging Unveiled at UK's Leading Low Carbon Vehicle Event

Addressing the Charging Challenge

Charge Gully has unveiled an eco-conscious solution to a pressing challenge: enabling on-street home charging for the growing number of electric vehicle (EV) owners without access to off-street parking. Recent statistics reveal that approximately 40% of UK households lack this convenience, a figure that rises to around 60% in London. Many are hesitant to rely on the costly and often distant public charging infrastructure, which can be up to eight times more expensive than charging overnight from a domestic charger on an off-peak tariff.

Safety and Innovation Combined

Safety is at the core of Charge Gully's design. The cable gully features a secure locking mechanism that prevents unauthorised removal of the charging cable while a vehicle is left charging. Additionally, its unique cover design closes shut under its own weight via a hinge that limits the lid from opening more than 90 degrees. Remarkably, this gully is just 45mm deep, allowing for installation in the top course of the pavement well above existing utilities in less than two hours. It has been rigorously tested in accordance with BS EN 1433 standards and can withstand loading of up to 12 tonnes, easily handling the wheel pressure of an articulated lorry mounting the kerb.

Furthermore, the eco-conscious cable gully is constructed from anodised aluminium, ensuring resistance to UV damage and corrosion.

A Commitment to Sustainability

Ian Mach, Founder and CEO of Charge Gully, emphasised the company's commitment to sustainability, stating, "Unlike other cable gullies on the market, we did not want to use plastics in our product as they degrade with each recycling cycle and often end up as long-lived waste in landfills or oceans. Our gully is made in the UK of anodised aluminium, which can be recycled indefinitely without loss of quality. By avoiding plastics, we are minimising the impact that manufacturing the channel has on the planet.”

Paving the Way for Electric Mobility

Charge Gully will be conducting its first on-site installation in Hertfordshire in September, marking a significant milestone. The company has also lined up pilot schemes with three Local Authorities in England and Wales.

About Charge Gully

Charge Gully provides a comprehensive professional service for Local Authorities and residents, enabling the 40% of UK households without a driveway to charge their electric cars from home. The company's innovative, lockable and eco-conscious cable gully ensures the safe use of charging cables across pavements.

Local authorities can arrange trials of the novel solution and residents can sign up for upcoming trials in their local area via their website

Closing Statement

The successful transition to a net-zero future is within reach, thanks to innovative engineering solutions that prioritise sustainability. Charge Gully is proud to lead the way in enabling accessible and eco-friendly electric vehicle charging, helping to reduce carbon emissions and create a greener and more equitable future.