2024 Event Themes

If you are interested in presenting at Cenex Expo, please complete the below form by Friday 26th April 2024.

We are pleased to launch our expression of interest (EOI) to present at this year’s Cenex Expo.  Each year we run a similar process, contacting UK and international stakeholders from across the Net Zero and Connected Automated Mobility (CAM) communities, requesting EOIs to present within our seminar programme. 

Our Cenex Expo seminar programme aims to:

  • Showcase state-of-the-art technology developments and industry initiatives in Net Zero transport and the supporting energy infrastructure as well as in Connected Automated Mobility (CAM).

  • Disseminate learning from research and demonstration projects.

  • Provide updates on policy and market trends driving innovation.

  • Explore “what next?” for both sectors.

The programme will be focused around two thematic areas, the first area being the Transition to Net Zero and the second theme focusing on the Transition to Connected Automated Mobility.

The expression of interest programme is open to UK and international organisations to propose speakers, thereby helping ensure the seminar programme has the latest insights from a range of expert speakers, reflecting the diversity within the Net Zero and CAM audiences.

Presentations can be related either to technology, market, supply chain or policy developments.  Timescales for consideration include the run in to phase out of internal combustion engines from 2035, as well as the longer timescales through to 2050. 

We will be delivering our seminar programme with sessions being presented in different formats across the event, ranging from:

  • Presentations & panel discussions

  • Debates

  • Short pitches

  • TED talks

For the Transition to Net Zero theme, we will look at key changes needed in the industry on the road to net zero which will split into the following four key thematic areas, please click on the blue boxes below to see more information.

For the Transition to Connected Automated Mobility theme, speaker topics will split into the following five sub themes, please click on the purple boxes below to see more information.